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P790 Golf clubs irons set of 8 pieces R / S send headcover free shipping

From R7810.49
  • Color:


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  • Description

    P790 sliver irons

    Weclome to my store , we are HongCheng sports golf clubs factory,we have many regular client sell my
    products at local golf quality and price is very good,please be assured purchase.


    The high-quality sliver P790 irons are silver-coloured with a variety of shaft options, complimentary headwear and .

    The pictures showing at our store are real shot pictures, some of which are logo removed, if you want to know more information and details, just leave us a message please, we will reply you within 1 working day, thanks

    About us

    Thank you for visiting our shop, we offer high quality golf equipments to our golfers at very affordable price. Top-leveled items are available in large quantity and terrific quality, you can have a comfortable shopping experience.

    Our Craftsmanship

    We use the same materials, the same components, the same stitching so that we can bring you these high quality designer items at a very reasonable price.

    Our manufacturing facilities receive a model of the every original items before we produce it. Each manufacturing plant has a master craftsman who disassembles every piece of each items and meticulously studies every detail so that our manufactures can produce perfect mirror image designer items.

    Many store offer cheaper designer items, but no one offers better quality and selection than mine. We have craftsmen who have been making golf clubs for more than 15 years to take care of all the links of production and make them ourselves to ensure the quality of the products. You simply cannot buy better items anywhere in the world that are better than what we offer at ours. Because our quality is the best in the business we offer 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee for every items we sell.


    Photographs of products

    Grips.headcover pictures

    If you need other grips, please contact me.
    If no request is made, the store will use the default special grips, and the final interpretation right will be owned by the store.

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