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New products! Golf Shoes Mens Waterproof Super Soft Comfortable High-end Shoes

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    Selling points:
    1. Comfortable as sneakers, waterproof and slippery as golf shoes
    2. Double waterproof inside and outside, ultra-soft IP shooting midsole, wear-resistant and skid-resistant shoe nails, high-performance exoskeleton is not easy to deform.
    3. Super-soft soles are designed for comfort and there is no discomfort in walking for 5 hours.
    4. Super anti-sideslip shoe nails, which cater to the instantaneous twist of batting, make the Super Grip stand more stable and move more beautiful.
    5. Strengthen the toe, the toe is strengthened, and then wrapped with super soft fibre leather. It is refreshing, and the insole is thicker than the ordinary insole. The insole is 40 mm thicker than the ordinary insole, so as to improve the comfort of the shoes when walking.
    6 and 1 seconds easy to tie shoelaces, easy to wear shoes and take off shoes quickly, refuse the tediousness of hand-tied shoelaces

    Name: Golf cushioning, waterproof and comfortable sneakers
    Material: Waterproof nylon cloth + IP ejection midsole
    Size: (EUR) 39/40/41/42/43/44
    Colour: Black Blue, Black Red, Grey Blue

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