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Casper S20 32GB 10.1 ”FHD Tablet

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    Casper S20 32GB 10.1 ” FHD Tablet

    Tablets are included in daily life with their functional and functional uses. Casper, one of the first to brands come to mind when talking about tablets, has gathered the your appreciation of users with the Via S20 model. For Casper Via S20 stands out with its 32 GB large memory, aesthetic design and Full HD image quality. With Casper Via S20 , you can easily complete many tasks that you can do on a computer during the day, wherever you want.

    Keep Up with the Speed with Casper Via S20 32 GB 10.1 Tablet Models

    With Casper Via S20 tablet models that respond to various needs , you can easily perform the process you want. If you have a lot of work during the outside the day and you need internet access in the meantime, you can stay up-to-date and finalize works with your models with different connection options. Choosing options that support your transactions with functional features will make your work easier at this point. For Casper via s20 32 GB 10.1 with 10.1 inch screen option and 1920×1200 screen resolution without straining your eyes.You can start keeping up with the speed with the pattern is. In addition to its high screen resolution, it helps you to collect all your memories on your tablet comfortably with its large memory facility. The processor, which allows you to do all these operations quickly, makes it possible to save time with its fast response and actions.

    High Picture Quality with Casper Via S20 32 GB 10.1 Tablet

    Thanks to Casper Via S20’s Android operating system, you can easily download as many applications as you from want application store. You can easily use even the most comprehensive applications with the products offered with 3 GB RAM support. You can shoot high quality photos and videos through dual camera support. Can increasememory card Thanks to its support, you can store unlimited amount of photos and content on your tablet. While choosing among the products, you can get accurate results by paying attention to the features they are to have, and you can decide your needs before choosing. With Casper Via S20 32 GB 10.1 tablet with models high screen resolution and image quality , you can access videos and visual content with high quality. You can also get high efficiency thanks to the models that you can use note only for entertainment purposes but also for your visual content works. For Casper Via S20 reviews , which you can review on our page You can easily access that alternatives to meet your needs to start and obtain high image and process quality. AlsoTablet You can get information about all models by visiting our category.




    Weight 501G
    Increased Memory Up to 128GB
    Bluetooth Yes
    Dimensions 241.3×171.7×9.3mm
    Internal Memory 32 GB
    Disc Capacity 32 GB
    Screen size 10.1 inch
    Display Model IPS Screen
    Display Panel Type IPS
    GPS (Global Positioning System) Yes
    Memory Card Type Micro SD
    HDMI No
    Processor Core Count Quad Core Processor
    Processor Brand MTK
    Operating System Base Android
    OS Android 9.0 (Pie)
    Camera Resolution 5 MP
    Camera Dual Camera
    Max Screen Resolution 1920×1200
    Mobile Link, No
    Ram Capacity 3 GB
    Tablet Processor MT8163
    Basic Processor Speed 1.5 GHz
    USB Type Micro USB


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