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1 Piece Indian GOLECHA Henna Paste Body Art,Mehndi Colored Henna Muslim Nail Polish Paste Cones For Islamic Natural Nail Art

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    How to use it by DIY drawing:
                                            1.Select a paste and take out the camp and needle.
                                                2.Tear off the protective film.
                                                3.Then cover the needle mouth.
                                                5.Clean the cone and cover the camp to use the residue henna paste next time.


    How to use it by tattoo stencil drawing:


    1. Clean the skin with soap or wipes.

    2. Dry the cleaned skin with a paper or dry towel.

    3. Come up with a tattoo stencil,torm the white paper,keeping the stencil intact.

    4. Stick the tattoo stencil on the skin.

    5. Tear the transparent protective film.

    6. Select a paste and take out the camp and needle,tear off the protective film and then cover the needle mouth.

    7. Press out the air on the top of the Henna paste to make the painting more smoothly.

    8. Fill the hollow parts of the stencil with the henna paste or glitter and so on.

    9. Wait minutes,till the Henna paste solidification.

    10. Tear the tattoo stencil,clear paste,the final result.


    Henna Paste Cone -8Colors available,and 100% condition new!
    Color: 8 Colors(Black, Red, Rose, Orange, Blue, Red-brown,Purple and Green)
    Guidelines:  Used by DIY Drawing or Tattoo Stencil Drawing.

    Package include:

    1Pc Henna Paste Body Paint



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