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1/2 “3/4” 16mm Hose Quick Connect Hose Extension Interface Garden Quick Connect Two-Way Quick Connect

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    1/2″ 3/4″ 16mm Hose Quick Connector Valve with Water Tap Splitter Hose Extension Irrigation AgricultureThree Way Connectors Quick Water Connector Extension Hose Gardening

    Early in the morning, you start to look for the commodities you need. You may want to replace it after having it so you keep looking for a better one. You keep asking yourself what you really want and what it should bring to your families. Until now, I finally find what I truly want.

    16 mm extension hose length. Easy to collect water pipes, do not let the water pipes piled up in disorder

    The product is made of high quality raw materials, sunscreen and explosion-proof, can withstand the impact of water pressure in different countries, The product has a long service life and a one-year warranty.

    Working pressure: 0~8kgf/cm 2;
    Water temperature: -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Connector size: 16 mm connection
    Weight about :22g

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